We created NERDS World in Animal Crossing, partnered with The Cybersmile Foundation, to help make the internet a safer space for young users by tackling issues related to cyber-bullying and online abuse. Our island can direct you to Cybersmile's innovative AI Assistant tool through QR codes, which will also provide access to different Cybersmile resources. NERDS® World is perfectly imperfect-shaped just like NERDS® candy, and covered with purple and pink decorations, stickers and fun Easter Eggs. Come explore the island with us! Contact us through our social media platforms in the UK, Australia and Canada to join in the fun. Join us: Dream Address 5502-9451-9105 *By using the Dream Address you’re accepting that you are 14 years old or older.

Why we’re doing this

"NERDS®" is more than our brand’s name, it is who we are, and as "old school NERDS®" we know how important is to have each others' backs. We also know that staying informed is the best way we can take care of ourselves and each other.

Our mission

Stay NERD is our shout out to all the nerdy people out there to keep it real and to stay true to their essence no matter what, because at the essence of every nerd is the belief that they can change the world with their ideas.




About Cybersmile

The Cybersmile Foundation is a multi-award winning anti cyberbullying non-profit organization. Committed to tackling all forms of digital abuse and bullying online. They work to promote diversity and inclusion by building a safer, more positive digital community. They work to reduce incidents of cyberbullying through education, promotion of positive digital citizenship, professional help and support services and research.

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